David Lawrence

The brand that continues to reflect the lives and values of the women who wear it.

The David Lawrence Story

The founder who started it all; David Bardas, was a cultural curator of his time. Bardas was renowned for his ability to implement fashion as a response to major changes occurring in society. From the controversial waves of the 70s, as women entered into the workforce, David Lawrence was born.

David Lawrence Eyewear

The late 70s were defined by ambitious women with hard-working attitudes. Women were climbing the corporate ladder and taking their place quite comfortably in managerial and professional roles. This was a significant moment for retailers. Women finally had the need, the financial independence and the disposable income for high quality, luxurious garments. David Lawrence was the innovative brand of its time. Before it, no other brand offered tailored classics and fitted silhouttes, designed for the office.

On Level 3 of Howey House, history was made. Opening up a design studio next door to its first store on Collins Street, David Lawrence offered customers the opportunity to have their desired pieces made up in their size if it was unavailable in store. During a time when women were entering the workforce and developing increasingly multi-faceted lives, David Lawrence offered the convenience and ease that customers were seeking in their dressing.

David Lawrence’s ability to reflect the ever-evolving role of women in society saw a major change for the brand in the early 2000s. As the woman on the go took her reign as the hostess, the worker and the busy socialite, David Lawrence revolutionised its range to offer denim, elevated classics and flirty silhouettes to offer women more options than just 9 to 5.

Fast forward to now, we are the Australian brand that has accompanied women through their daily lives, offering timeless investment pieces fit to the occasion. We take our place, proudly in the industry, alongside the David Lawrence woman; motivated, independent and determined in all facets of life.