Matching Your Sunglasses to Your Festival Style

Matching Your Sunglasses to Your Festival Style main image

Author: BrightEyes
Date posted: 30 September 2022

Now that festivals are really starting up again we are excited to hear live music and plan out new outfits to show off. But, planning the perfect outfit or outfits for a festival can be a hard decision and often we forget about accessories until the last minute! But sunglasses can make or break your look and so our team has put together the things to consider when buying sunglasses for your next festival.

What is the Setting?

The first thing to think about is where is your festival is and what the energy is going to be. Are you going to a relaxed Festival like Caloundra Music Festival or something more high-energy like Splendour in the Grass? The type of festival you are going to can hugely impact the style of sunglasses you will want to be wearing. You also need to take into account whether this is a one-day festival or if you need outfits for multiple days; and if it is multiple days, do you want one pair of sunglasses that work with all your outfits or do you want to mix it up each day?

Some Go-To Guidelines

Now that you have some ideas in mind regarding the kind of styles for your festival as well as how many pairs of sunglasses you will need, there are some go-to guidelines that can ensure you do not go wrong:

  • Go With The Classics - When in doubt, go with the classics. If there is a particular style of sunglasses that you know works for you then grab some to match with your outfit. The saying “don’t mess with a good thing” isn’t wrong. If you are unsure what style of sunglasses go with your face shape, luckily we have just the blog to help you with that!
  • Neutral Colours - If you are trying to match multiple outfits then neutral colours are the way to go. A pair or brown, black or metal sunglasses will go with most looks, you just have to ensure that you are matching the rest of your accessories. For example, if you are going to be wearing gold jewellery, make sure that your sunglasses are in gold and not silver so you do not have a clash of colours.
  • Ask Around - are your friends going? Do they already have ideas of what they are going to wear? Sometimes it is fun to match in with your group or to stand out completely! Knowing what the rest of your group is wearing can help you to decide which look you want to go with.

With these simple tricks you can’t go wrong! We are sure you will find the perfect sunglasses to match your outfit. If you have yet to find the perfect pair though, check out our full range of designer sunglasses or visit one of our stores to get an in-person look.

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