What is the Best Sunglass Shape for Your Face

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Author: BrightEyes
Date posted: 12 August 2022

Getting the perfect sunglasses for your face can be harder than you think, there are several different face shapes and the shape of your face can have a huge impact in your style. Stylish sunglasses can give you a look all your own but step one is to work out your face shape.


Working Out Your Face Shape

There are many different face shapes and there are several different areas of your face that you can measure to establish your face shape. Stand in front of a mirror or grab a friend and follow these steps:

  1. Measure your jawline, feel below your ears and find where your jawbone ends. Measure from the end of the bone to the other end around the bottom of your face. Write this measurement down.
  2. Measure from cheekbone to cheekbone by feeling out the bottom of your cheekbone below your eye and measuring from there to the other side of your face. Write this down as well.
  3. Next up, measure your forehead from temple to temple and write that down.
  4. Finally, measure your face length by measuring from the center of your hairline, down over your nose, to the bottom of your chin. Write this down as well.

Once you have all of your measurements, it is now time to work out your face shape and the frames that will work for you! There are many different face shapes and below we have outlined the common shapes.



Oblong face and sunglasses

Oblong faces, also known as rectangular faces, are long with a narrow chin and cheekbones and have very few angles. This makes your face shape perfect for oversized like Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses and wrap sunglasses like Jonathan Paul Fitovers. With the rectangular face though, you should try to avoid narrow designs as these can look too small on your face and take away from your features.

Dos: Oversized or Wrap sunglasses

Don’ts: Narrow designs



Diamond face and sunglasses

With a diamond-shaped face, you will have a narrow jawline and forehead with wide, distinctive cheekbones creating a striking look. Diamond faces tend towards designs that will compliment your cheekbones and should use sunglasses with gentle curves. Your face shape leans towards oval sunglasses like these Coach sunglasses or rimless sunglasses like these ones from David Beckham. However, with this face shape, you want to avoid wider designs and geometric shapes.

Dos: Oval or Rimless Sunglasses

Don’ts: Oversized or Geometric sunglasses



Oval face shape and sunglasses

Oval face shapes make us all jealous! You have a balanced forehead, cheekbones and jawline and because of this literally, every style looks good on you! You have fairly even features and your face is gently rounded which means that the only thing you have to worry about is avoiding really oversized sunglasses that block out your features! You can choose any sunglasses that cover your face from eyebrows to cheekbones and angular shapes will really accentuate your features.

Dos: Basically anything! Angular shapes will highlight your features

Don’ts: Extremely large frames that take away from your features



Heart shaped face and sunglasses

A heart-shaped face, also known as a triangle-shaped face means that you are narrowest at the chin and widest at the forehead, kind of like a love-heart! This face shape is best suited to cat-eye sunglasses like this gorgeous pair from GUESS or butterfly sunglasses like these from Fiorelli Lena or even Aviators! The straight lines along the top shift the focus downwards and elongate your face and give you a more balanced look.

Dos: Cat eye, butterfly or Aviator

Don’ts: Round or Embellished



Square face and sunglasses

Square-shaped faces mean that you have a face that is generally as wide as it is long and it is characterised by a broad forehead and a really strong jawline. With this face shape you want to lean in towards round or oval-shaped sunglasses that soften out your features. This means you are able to look at traditionally round sunglasses like this stylish pair from Havaiana or lean more into this Hugo Boss Aviator style pair or basically any rounded style!

Dos: Round or Oval Sunglasses

Don’ts: Sharp or geometric shapes



Round face and sunglasses

The final common face shape is the round shape, this means your face has noticeable curves and less defined angles. This means you have full cheekbones along with a narrow forehead and jaw. It also means you will want to stay away from curved styles and focus more on angular lines that will elongate your face and make it look sharper and thinner. This means stylish designs like these angular sunglasses from Coach or this square design from Isabel Marant.

Dos: Angular or Geometric frames

Don’ts: Rounded frames

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