Spotters Cristo Gloss Black / Gold Leaf Mirror Polarised Lenses

Spotters Cristo

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Crafted with precision to cater to individuals with high cheekbones, our sunglasses offer unparalleled glare reduction without sacrificing style or comfort. The tight wrap design ensures incoming glare is effectively eliminated, while the slim-fitted arms guarantee a comfortable fit, even when worn with a cap. We've incorporated custom cutaways over the cheekbones to provide a tailored fit and enhance ventilation, ensuring your comfort in any situation.

Enhancing both functionality and aesthetics, our sunglasses feature chrome temple detailing that adds a touch of sophistication. The built-in thermal rubber nose pads and temple tips offer all-day comfort, while the polarised crown glass lenses provide exceptional clarity and protection from the sun's harsh rays. With a wrap shape and large fit, these sunglasses are designed to accommodate your active lifestyle without compromising on style or performance. Experience the perfect blend of form and function with our TR90 Frame sunglasses.


Gold Leaf Mirror Lenses

The brilliant Gold Leaf mirror overlays a high contrast copper polarised Crown Glass lens. We use real gold leaf metallic particles in our Gold Leaf Mirror lenses as only real metallic particles reflect bright light and heat away from your eyes. This creates a cooling effect during periods of intense light and reduces eye fatigue. Our real metallic mirrors are sandwiched between layers of Crown Glass so they cannot be damaged or scratched off!

The superior high contrast copper base tint filters out the majority of damaging short blue light waves which land in front of the retina and cause blur, headaches and eye fatigue. This unique copper tint also serves to contrast colours across the visible light spectrum, making object edges appear sharper, colours more vivid and everything within your field of vision crisp and in-focus.

The darker Copper lens tint instantly relaxes your eyes in high glare situations, while still offering brilliant clarity and high contrast vision. It is suitable for everyday use, particularly in high glare situations.

The result? Spotters’ Gold Leaf mirror gives you the ability to cope with even the harshest glare on the brightest day, without experiencing any eye fatigue, squinting or headaches.

Perfect For:

  • Changing Light
  • Depth Perception
  • Golf
  • Long Drives

Crown Glass Lenses

Spotter’s Crown Glass lens are ground and polished in a precise process that takes up to 20 hours. The results is a crystal clear, premium quality lens with zero distortion, giving you the sharpest, clearest vision. Wee have developed the industry’s thinnest Polarised Crown Glass lens range, and all our polarising and real metallic mirror filters are protected between lens layers, so they can’t be scratched off. Our Crown Glass lenses are chemically treated to increase tensile and compressive strength, enabling the lenses to withstand high thermal shock and general impact. These are also one of the most scratch resistant optical materials, so you have a lens suited to all day, everyday wear.

Frame Colour: Gloss Black

Lens Colour: Gold Leaf Mirror

Frame Material: TR90

Lens Material: Crown Glass

Lens Technology: Polarised

Lens Category: 3

Fit: Large

SKU 9336161004603
Model # Cristo
Barcode # 9336161004603
Brand Spotters
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.009m
Shipping Height 0.007m
Shipping Length 0.018m
Unit Of Measure each

Spotters Warranty

Spotters Eyewear is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for 24 months from date of purchase. This warranty excludes accidental damage and broken/cracked lenses. The sunglasses must also have been looked after in accordance with Spotters Care Instructions.