Lens - Types


Polarised lenses come in a variety of tints. Each colour works better in different light conditions and for certain activities.


Amber-coloured lenses are great for outdoor activities, especially high-speed activities. Skiers love them. Although they can distort colours, they provide high contrast in hazy conditions.


Brown is also a great all-purpose lens. They are attractive, warm and inviting, and they really know how to enhance skin tones. When looking through brown lenses, colours like reds, yellows, and greens are accentuated, but not exaggerated.


Great in varying light conditions. Sharpens visual definition and enhances depth perception.


Grey is considered the all-purpose lens colour because it enables the wearer to see "natural" colours and is very soothing on the eye. It is the best lens colour for bright light situations too.

Think of it as a lens that simply "dims the lights". Plus, the grey lens doesn't mess with the wearer's depth perception.