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Date posted: 27 October 2021

Serengeti has been an eyewear distributor ever since 1980 and for more than 40 years they have been manufacturing and selling high-end high-quality sunglasses all over the world. They have extensive experience in the eyewear industry and are constantly innovating and evolving their designs.

Even though it's been so long since the company was founded, it just kept getting better and better. But do you know what makes Serengeti sunglasses stand out above the competitors and what makes people buy and adore them despite their high price tag?

If you don't, these Serengeti sunglasses reviews should shed some light for you.

Serengeti sunglasses features

Serengeti makes truly one-of-a-kind sunglasses with different types of lenses such as Drivers, CPG, Sedona, and 555 Blue. 

There are multiple reasons why they're so popular and one of them is the signature frame materials they use such as Nylon TR90, Stainless Steel and Mazzuchelli Acetate.

They also use special sunglasses frame technologies such as a signature hinge, wire-flex, and foldable design. But even though all of that is impressive, it isn't the main reason why Serengeti sunglasses are so good.

Are Serengeti sunglasses good quality?

You can be sure that Serengeti makes sunglasses are of the highest quality and all of their customers agree.

For example, people who wear Serengeti Aviator sunglasses say that they are excellent for driving, improve vision during the daytime, effortlessly cut glare and that they're well worth the cost. And all of that is made possible with the special technology Serengeti uses.

Why are Serengeti sunglasses so good?

One of the things that make Serengeti so different is that they are the only brand in the world that combines the three industry-defining technologies in a single lens.

Each pair of Serengeti sunglasses has:

  • Glare-reducing polarisation
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Naturally colour-enhancing and blue-light blocking technology
  • These technologies allow for the sunglasses to adapt to light, manage it, and control it

Light adaptation

No matter what setting or light condition you're in, Serengeti's photochromic sunglasses will adapt since they're activated by the amount of UV radiation in the atmosphere.
In bright conditions, the lenses are darker because the UV radiation is more intense, and the opposite goes for darker conditions.

Light management

Blue light is necessary for humans as it helps regulate our biological clock, but blue light can affect your health and increase your risk for age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
The Serengeti® Spectral Control technology comes with blue-light blocking technology which filters up to 96% of blue light and only lets in the beneficial and regulating turquoise blue light. This technology protects your eyes from damage, premature ageing, and preserves your sight.
It selectively manages the wavelengths in light and distinguishes reds, greens, and yellows giving you the perfect mix of colours in all conditions.

Light control

In both high and low-glare environments, Serengeti sunglasses will give you the ultimate protection and clarity. Their polarisation technology eliminates 99,9% of disruptive glare and that stands for the four different types of glare: distracting, discomforting, disabling, and blinding.

Types of Serengeti sunglasses

Serengeti Men's Sunglasses

No matter what kind of style you like, you can find many different styles of women's Serengeti sunglasses as well as Serengeti men's sunglasses. In their collection, you can find:

  • Acetate Series. This is a very lightweight model and it comes in multiple beautiful patterns and hues.
  • Sport. If you're looking for great eyewear that has a sporty yet elegant design, this is a perfect choice.
  • Nylon. Combining a minimalist design with premium materials is what makes this timeless collection one of Serengeti's most wanted designs.
  • Metal. With thin, handcrafted metal frames, this collection is a true showstopper.

Serengeti lenses

There are numerous lenses made by Serengeti. Some of their lenses include:

  • Drivers. Serengeti drivers sunglasses are ideal for driving, and they have lenses with Spectral Control which enhance colours and contrasts, so they give you better vision.
  • CPG. Serengeti's Cool Photo Gray sunglasses, or CPG, have a multi-use lens and were designed to protect the wearer in all weather conditions by reducing the harsh glare.
  • 555 blue. This model comes with a reflective blue dielectric mirror coating which reflects glare and gives you an enhanced contrast.
  • Sedona. This high-contrast rose-coloured lens comes with a silver mirror which makes it ideal for bright light conditions and great for decreasing the glare.


Serengeti Sunglasses for Men

Serengeti has a rich historical image and background and their name is famous around the world, but that isn't the reason why these sunglasses have such a high price tag.

Ever since the beginning, this company has taken pride in being the most technologically advanced sunglasses manufacturer. It all started with their trademark Corning technology but this wasn't enough for them to stay in the game.

That is why they kept developing newer and more advanced technologies as time went by and that is how we ended up with all the features we discussed above. Each pair of glasses that comes out of their factory is undoubtedly high-quality.

But Serengeti doesn't just focus on their lenses. Every detail of each model of their sunglasses was precisely crafted for optimal performance. All of the materials they use were picked to ensure durability and comfort. And the frame technologies used on the glasses make them ideal for everyday use.

And finally, let's not forget the amazing design. Serengeti polarised sunglasses and all other types are truly a masterpiece that's worth admiring.

Are Serengeti sunglasses worth it?

Even though prices range anywhere from $160 up to more than $400 per pair, you can be sure that the money you spend on Serengeti sunglasses will be money well spent.

Some brands have high prices just because they're world-famous even though they have nothing special to offer, but that isn't the case here. The high markup is there because of the advanced and proprietary technologies, the protection these glasses offer, and their long-lasting durability.

Additionally, Serengeti doesn't mass-produce their glasses so whoever is lucky enough to own even one pair, can be sure that they have a very exclusive item that's hard to come by.

Pros and cons

Getting a pair of photochromic sunglasses should be a priority for everyone. This, along with the other industry-defining technologies, are certainly the biggest advantage Serengeti has to offer. Not only do these glasses protect your eyes but they do so in a stylish way.

Another great pro is the Serengeti sunglasses case which is also high-quality and will keep your glasses safe while you're not wearing them.

The only downside of Serengeti sunglasses is that their price is a bit more expensive than regular sunglasses and it's somewhat hard to get a pair of these sunglasses since they're very exclusive.

Final thoughts

Serengeti has a rich history and numerous amazing designs. While the Serengeti Drivers sunglasses are one of the most popular models, whichever one you go for will amaze you, and this goes for Women's Serengeti sunglasses and Serengeti men's sunglasses.

When you buy from them, you're not just paying for the brand. You're paying for the technological features in the sunglasses, premium materials, and well-crafted details.

So you can be sure that every cent spent on these glasses is well worth it. We hope these Serengeti sunglasses reviews helped you realise that.

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