Redesign Yourself This Spring With The New Collection From Bask Eyewear

Redesign Yourself This Spring With The New Collection From Bask Eyewear main image

Author: BrightEyes
Date posted: 28 October 2022

This year enjoy carefree basking with Bask Eyewear by Amanda King. 

Amanda King is a devoted mother and wife… and as her name suggests, she is royalty in the sunglass industry.  With 17 years of relevant experience and a great sense of style, she decided to follow her vision and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Stylish, classy, evergreen, a bit retro and never out of style. 

This collection represents an evolution of both style and functionality. You will enjoy the sun a bit longer because health and protection are at the forefront of this amazing collection.


Polarised Glasses With A More Polished Look

Amanda always loved to look at the world with her husband’s polarised lenses. What she disliked was the outdated style so she decided that it is possible to get the best of both worlds. From one manufacturer to another, Amanda pursued her inspiration. 

With a genuine love for the sun and long days on the beach combined with a profound knowledge of polarised lenses, Bask Eyewear was born. Fashionable frames and premium polarized lenses plus affordable pricing.

"Every piece is hand drawn and designed on the Gold Coast. And every sunglass is tried, tested and worn for months before it's available to the world"

We can definitely see the love and devotion for every piece, as well as Amanda’s signature. Sandy and golden shades dominating every piece indeed remind us of the Gold Coast.


Which Bask Sunglasses Are Amanda’s Personal Favourite?

Amanda admits that her personal favourite is the model Peggy in Nude Pink. When you look at them, you almost instantly get that picture of a stylish girl from the 60s. They do their magic fast, once you put them on you feel all glammed up. 


Which Bask Sunglasses Are Our Favourites For The Spring?

Now let’s break down some of our favourites for the spring. This spring, dare to explore different styles. All the eyewear favourites on our list have amazing protection in common, but when it comes to style, some are 


Bask Eyewear Sheyd Beige Tortoise

Girl wearing Bask Eyewear

Sheyd will be your favourite all year round. The beige tortoise with delicate and handcrafted acetate frame represents an amazing mix of style and functionality. It is one of those unisex pieces that never go out of style. 


Bask Eyewear Bella

Girl wearing Bask Eyewear Bella Crystal Rose

Introducing Bella sunglasses! With a sleek and feminine shape, these sunglasses are perfect for anyone who wants to radiate confidence. Crafted from shiny acetate, this classic square frame features an accentuated brow line with straight-cut edges. Plus, Bask eyewear signature CR39 polarised lenses and blue anti-reflective coating helps reduce glare and protect your eyes.


Bask Eyewear Dusk Crystal Brown

Girl sitting and wearing Bask Eyewear Dusk Crystal Brown

The Dusk has a sleek and stylish design, made from glossy acetate. It features a slightly angular and exaggerated cat-eye silhouette that is perfect for the modern-day wearer. Bask Eyewear's signature polarised lenses are fitted with the Dusk.


Bask Eyewear Everly

Girl wearing Lola Crystal Toffee/Brown Gradient Polarised

Oversized and boasting a geometric shape, the Lola sunglasses bring a taste of the 70s to your everyday look. These glossy black beauties are crafted from acetate and provide a statement piece that can be worn daily.


Bask Eyewear Echo

A girl wearing Bask Eyewear Echo Havanna Tortoise

The Echo frame is the perfect combination of contemporary and cat-eye styles. With its exquisite detailing and distinctive design, you'll be the envy of all your friends.

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