Reason for Wearing Sunnies in Winter

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Author: BrightEyes
Date posted: 19 August 2022

When people think of sunglasses they tend to think of summer but in winter sunnies are even more important! Not only do they match to your winter style they also help to protect you from the harsh sun’s rays. At BrightEyes we have broken down the main reasons that you should keep your sunnies even in the winter months. 


UV Rays in Winter

Sunglasses will keep you protected from the winter rays which is when people tend to forget to keep up UV protection. Sun damage in the eyes can change from season to season but the difference between summer and winter can have a surprisingly large difference. In particular, people tend to forget in winter that they need to keep themselves protected from UVB rays. UVB rays can cause damage to your eyes even in the winter months. Though the days may be darker during the winter months the sun is still there and can cause damage to your eyes.

The sun creates three forms of ultraviolet (UV) light, UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. Most of the UV-C rays are absorbed into the atmosphere but the UV-A and UV-B rays come through the atmosphere and are something that you have to protect against. UV-A is mostly absorbed by the retina and the lens of the eye but UV-B rays can reach all the way through to the cornea. 

There are large amounts of possible side effects from UV rays including cataracts, macular generation, and photokeratitis. What a lot of people forget is that just because it is winter does not mean that these UV rays disappear! Large amounts of UV damage to the eyes occur during the winter months as a lot of people do not remember to take the relevant safety precautions.

This is why, in winter it is recommended to wear UV protection sunglasses, preferably polarised as this cuts down on the glare from the sun and possible eye damage that you may be experiencing. Most people do not notice until they put their sunglasses on just how much they were actually squinting to see! Save yourself some eye strain this winter with stylish, and protective, sunglasses from BrightEyes.


Winter Style

Wearing sunglasses in winter used to be seen as a huge faux par but now we see it as the style to go to. We also got sick of dealing with the sun for the sake of fashion! Not only that, sunglasses work with winter fashion! They make any coat look even more stylish and add a level of glam to your outfit. It is easy to get carried away and but sunglasses to match every outfit and we say go for it! You can get everything from outrageous sunglasses to polarised sunnies that will help in the snow. Fashion has become more and more leaning into what you actually enjoy and we think that having multiple pairs of sunglasses for different styles and situations is the way to go. 

Having sunglasses that match in with you winter fashion choices is a great way to expand out your sunglass collection and try new styles. Whether you want to try out something like Gucci sunglasses or Ray-Bans or what to be a bit more out there with Givenchy sunglasses. Winter is a time to try new styles and fashions while keeping your eyes safe from the sun.

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