Most Memorable Sunglasses Styles from Movies

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Author: BrightEyes
Date posted: 23 September 2022

Our team decided that it was time for a walk down memory lane to see with sunglasses from the silver screen have stood the test of time. Below are our top ten picks for iconic sunglasses in movies that we would still wear today.


The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix, broke more than just cinematographic boundaries with their easy-to-place cyberpunk fashion for all of their main characters. In particular Neo (Keanu Reeves) with his leather trench coat and thin, wrap sunglasses. These sunglasses are iconic and hard to reproduce, in fact, Keanu Reeves’ original pair was custom-made! However, the ‘90s are back in fashion and smaller frames with angular lenses or the slanted oval sunglasses are appearing back on shelves. No one will forget Neo dodging bullets with his cyber-punk sunglasses in place. 


Top Gun (1986)

No one will ever forget the iconic look of the fighter pilots in Top Gun with their Ray Ban Aviators. These sunglasses were traditionally designed for test pilots so it must have been a no-brainer to include them in the film, even if they were only worn on the ground. 

The tear-drop shape creates an iconic look that added to Maverick's (Tom Cruise) attitude and sex appeal in both the original and the new film from 2022. 


Terminator (1984)

Arnold Schwarzenegger may not have said much in his breakout role as a time-travelling cyber-assassin but his look is intrinsically linked to the character. Sunglasses, jacket, and guns, this look never has to promise to come back, it has always been in style! These dark Ansi Classics by Gargoyles are intimidating and perfect for anyone looking to create a memorable look. Though we may not have time travel we do have access to these stylish sunglasses.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Audrey Hepburn is a legend in her own right but her look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s as Blake Edwards has become timeless. The black dress, pearls, gloves, and most importantly sunglasses, have become a go-to look. The Manhattan sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith provide anonymity and a level of class to Hepburn’s outfit and suit her perfectly! In fact, they are so perfect that they have never gone out of style, still being produced over 6 decades later!


Reservoir Dogs (1992)

One of the most memorable scenes in Hollywood is the start of Reservoir Dogs when our gang of doomed criminals walk out of a diner, all with their sunglasses on. The Ray Ban Clubmaster were also seen in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) but they truly became iconic in Reservoir Dogs with a single scene. Mr Orange made us all want to look that stylish walking in slow-mo and though we never perfected the slow-mo walk, we definitely got our hands on some Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.


Big Lebowski (1998)

The Dude in the Big Lebowski is overall pretty laid back with some of his outfits including a dressing gown and harem pants. But his sunglasses were both iconic and high-end. His big-framed sunglasses are the Vuarnet 03 and similar styles are still available. The big, square-ish frames lead a retro air to your outfit or make it just a bit classier in the case of The Dude. With sunglasses as big as his personality, we will never forget The Dude.


The Blues Brothers (1980)

The Blues Brothers had it all, crime, comedy, music, and style. The black suit, trilby and Wayfarer sunglasses. Though Wayfarers are a common sunglasses-staple in film, none of those are more memorable than this comedy duo. The only time we accept wearing sunglasses at night, these brothers brought the blues, the humour, and the looks.


Taxi Driver (1976)

“You talkin’ to me?” Scorsese’s memorable taxi driver played by a young Robert De Niro has an intense on-screen presence as he doles out his version of vigilante justice on the streets of New York. Though he may not be the most stable character, his outfits are on-point throughout the film and we loved his sunglasses. With their squared-off frames the American Optics, Original Pilot Sunglasses look good for fighting crime or driving to work. Though we don’t recommend trying to emulate Taxi Driver, we definitely recommend getting your hands on a pair of his sunglasses.


Drive (2011)

A newer addition to the list, 2011’s Drive with Ryan Gosling as the untitled main character brought charisma and style. To the point where after the movie came out, people were going out and buying jackets with giant, gold scorpions on the back. Though the jacket has not survived the test of time, Gosling’s sunglasses are a different story. The Selima Optique Money 2 sunglasses hide both Gosling’s eyes and emotions and make him, well, cool. With their reflective tint and double-bridge, these sunglasses stand out and make you as memorable as Drive.


Men in Black (1997)

Men in Black made us all lose our minds, were we secretly getting our minds wiped? How could someone look that good in a suit? As we followed Will Smith into this secret agency hiding aliens we learned that sunglasses were not only cool, they were important to keeping your memory! The Ray Ban Predator, like other Ray Ban sunglasses, looks perfect with a suit and a memory wiping device!

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