How to Match Your Glasses to Your Hair Colour

How to Match Your Glasses to Your Hair Colour main image

Author: BrightEyes
Date posted: 2 September 2022

It is not always something that we think about but not only do you need to match your frames to your face shape but also to your skin tone and hair colour. To make life a little easier, our team at BrightEyes has put together the colours to match your hair and the ones you may want to steer clear of.

Black Hair

Black hair gives you any metallic colour you can think of along with dark colours like gunmetal grey, dark blue or dark green. This will look even more amazing if you go for a simple frame shape! Taking into account your skin tone, you may be able to pull off bright reds, blues, and purples to create an eye-catching look. We do recommend steering away from pale or cool colours as these can appear dull compared to your hair and often look ill-fitting.

Cool Blonde Hair

For cool or ashy blonde then you want to go for more neutral colours. You will find that dark or icy colours can wash you out and golds and yellows can clash quite a bit. Your go-to can be pastel pinks, blues, and purples that add warmth without overpowering your hair colour. You will also look stunning in darker tortoiseshell and greys as these colours will not take away from your hair while accentuating your eye colour.

Warm Blonde Hair

With warm blonde hair that has bronze or honeyed tones, you will want to go for autumnal colours. You will look great in a light tortoiseshell or amber and anything in the peach, pink or red colour range will match your hair perfectly. Depending on your skin tone, you may also be able golds and darker greens while not clashing with your hair.

Light Brown Hair

Light brown hair, like blonde, can have either warm or cool undertones. With those warmer tones, you will want to look for bronze or other warm-metal colours along with rich colours like red, green, purple, brown, and burgundy.

With cool tones, you will want to go for your pastel purples, pinks, and blues or mix it up and go the opposite direction with some slim black glasses to accentuate your hair colour and face shape.

Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown hair will look stunning with silver, bronze or gold light-coloured frames to highlight your eyes. You also have dark tortoiseshell and earthy green and reds which will look fabulous. Unfortunately, with dark brown hair, you do have some colours to avoid as pastels can make you look washed-out and very heavy, dark styles of frames can take away from your natural beauty.

Red Hair

With red hair, you have two colour palettes depending on whether you have cool red or warm red hair. If you have warm red hair you will want to match your natural colouring with reddish browns, greens, golds, tortoiseshell, and copper. On the other hand, if you have cool red hair then you will want to look at blues, greens, blacks or gunmetal grey. We definitely recommend avoiding ashy tones as this can lead to your hair looking less vibrant. 

If you want to lean into the bright colour of your hair you can definitely try some bolder frames with strong colours.

Grey Hair

Grey hair is a broad range of colours with both light and dark hair colours included in this term. If you have dark grey hair, you can go wild! Any colour will work as long as the frames are not too heavy. Just remember, you also need to match to your skin tone and to your clothes so make sure you pick a colour you can mix and match with, or even grab a few pairs!

For those with light grey hair, we recommend bright, bold colours. Deep, rich shades like reds, navy, blues, and purple will look amazing. If you want to be a bit more subtle though, you will also look good in a neutral colour like white, black or grey. Unfortunately, with light grey, we recommend avoiding yellows, golds or beige as these can clash or make your hair seem dull. And no matter what, remember that black frames, like a black dress, go with any hair colour!