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Author: BrightEyes
Date posted: 9 September 2022

Bask Eyewear

Bask Eyewear was started on the Gold Coast by Amanda King who loved stealing her husband’s polarised sunglasses but hated how outdated they were. So Amanda decided to create a new brand of polarised sunglasses for men and women that are both fashionable and great for your eye health. Each piece is still drawn and designed by Amanda to this day and she makes sure every pair is tried, tested, and worn for months before they are released.


AM Eyewear

Founded in 2003, AM Eyewear is known for its artisan approach to exceptionally crafted eyewear. Born out of a love of old-school frames that were hard to find in Australia at the time, AM Eyewear is no longer a startup but is instead known globally by the fashion-conscious for its high-end lifestyle sunglasses. With their dedication to both quality and sustainability, they are truly unmatched; if you are looking to find sunglasses that will match your personality with soul, then AM Eyewear is the sunglasses brand for you. Look stylish this season with a pair from their latest collection.



Seafolly was started in Sydney in 1975 with their iconic swimwear. But, like us, they knew that at the beach you not only need the perfect swimsuit but also the perfect sunglasses, so Seafolly dived into the world of eyewear. The year-round style of Seafolly sunglasses provides shows their understanding that it is always time for a beach day. Seafolly truly embodies the Australian beach lifestyle and their sunglasses are designed with women in mind with sunnies for everyone, no matter your face shape. Pick up a pair before your next beach day.



Spotters’ mission is to provide a uniquely Australian product and they are 100% Australian-owned and still a family-run business. Their sunglasses are designed with Australia’s harsh UV rays in mind while still being extremely comfortable using low-allergenic elements. They also make sure to use marine-grade stainless steel screws to ensure that if you take your glasses out on the water, you won’t be dealing with any pesky rust. Next time you go camping or for a hike, there is no better option than Spotters sunglasses.



Tonic was created specifically with polarisation in mind and with a goal to produce sunglasses that were not only fit for Australian conditions but also pushed the boundaries of optical technology. Not only are their sunglasses designed to adjust to the ambient light and absorb reflective glare, they are also designed with style in mind.

Browse our Tonic sunglasses.


MAKO Polarised Sunglasses

MAKO Polarised Sunglasses were first launched over 25 years ago and are still 100% Australian owned. MAKO stand out for their Infra Red filters on their lenses and high quality Italian and Japanese glass lenses that provide ultimate clarity to your vision no matter the activity. Not only that, MAKO make sure that each style of sunglasses are field tested across a range of outdoor activities from fishing to off-roading to BMX, if you are looking for sunglasses that stand up against harsh conditions, check out MAKO Sunglasses.


Mangrove Jacks

Mangrove Jack sunglasses are also designed for the Australian beach, but not for lazing on a towel, instead, these sunglasses are designed with fishing and going out on the boat in mind. They are good-looking and durable which makes them perfect not only for your next fishing trip but also for general everyday wear. Not only will you look stylish in these sunglasses, they are also AMRF-endorsed for their polarised styles meaning you know you are safe from the water’s glare and harmful UV rays. They also have a kid’s range, perfect for keeping your children protected from the harsh Australian sun all year round. We definitely recommend grabbing a pair before your next boat trip, or mixing it up and grabbing a pair before you head to the snow! 

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