The World Through PolarEyes: Best Polarised Sunnies in 2023

The World Through PolarEyes: Best Polarised Sunnies in 2023 main image

Choosing the right pair of polarised sunglasses is about more than just style; it's about eye comfort, glare reduction, and visual acuity.

The market is flooded with various new ‘space-age’ lenses boasting different features and strengths. In this guide, we're going through the best polarised lenses for every situation.

Best Everyday Polarised Sunnies

Fantail - Costa Del Mar
Premium Polarised 580 Lenses

Costa Del Mar's 580 Lenses focus on enhancing colours like reds, greens, and blues. These lenses also absorb high-energy blue light and filter out harsh yellow tones to offer a visually pleasing experience.

- Strengths: Enhanced colour perception, protection from High-Energy Blue Light (HEV)
- Best For: Everyday wear, Outdoor activities where colour distinction is critical, such as fishing and hiking.

Mehana - Maui Jim

Maui Jim's POLARIZEDPLUS2® lenses focus on offering comprehensive glare reduction along with enhanced colour and clarity. They also feature an anti-reflective treatment to combat glare from behind.

- Strengths: Comprehensive glare reduction and enhanced visual clarity
- Best For: General outdoor activities and driving


Best Polarised Sunnies for Active Outdoor Activities

The strength of the lens in enduring harsh environmental conditions is crucial. Dragon Alliance's LumaLens® and Performance Polar lenses offer robust features that are hydrophobic, oleophobic, and scratch-resistant, making them ideal for any rugged outdoor activity.

Fin - Dragon Alliance
LumaLens® and Performance Polar

Dragon Alliance brings two high-performing technologies, LumaLens® and Performance Polar, under one umbrella. LumaLens® focuses on colour optimisation and high-definition optics, while Performance Polar offers advanced polarisation features and durability. With hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings.

- Strengths: Vivid colours, high durability, glare reduction, and all-around performance.
- Best For: Water sports, environments with harsh elements, and active outdoor activities.


Best Polarised Sunnies for Sports

Feedback - Oakley
Prizm Lenses

Oakley's lenses combine the detail-enhancing features of Prizm technology with glare-eliminating capabilities. These lenses aim for visual clarity in both detail recognition and glare reduction.

- Strengths: Enhanced detail, colour contrast, and glare reduction without optical distortion.
- Best For: Sports requiring detail recognition like golf and cycling, as well as water and snow activities.


Best Polarised Sunnies for Driving

For drivers, polarised lenses are invaluable for reducing glare from the road, other vehicles, and water surfaces. They significantly improve vision, offering clearer and more relaxed eyesight.

After Dark - OTIS
L.I.T Lens Technology

Otis' L.I.T Lens Technology takes a comprehensive approach to lens design. It aims to enhance colour while providing anti-reflective, hydrophobic, and UV & HEV protective layers. They are tri-layered featuring a Japanese anti-glare filter sandwiched between mineral glass.

- Strengths: Multi-functional, suitable for varying conditions
- Best For: Driving, dynamic light conditions and prolonged outdoor exposure

Hamel - Serenegeti
Spectral Control®

Serengeti's lenses are built for adaptability. Spectral Control® Technology enhances natural balance, acting like an HD balancer, while their Photochromic technology allows the lenses to transition from light to dark based on UV radiation, providing the eyes with optimal light at all times. 

- Strengths: Adaptive lenses, glare elimination, and blue light filtering
- Best For: Driving and day-long outdoor activities


Other Great Polarised Sunglasses

Ada - Bolle
HD Polarised Lenses

Bolle's HD Polarised Lenses combine contrast enhancement and polarisation in a single lens. They also have an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating to resist foreign bodies.

- Strengths: Versatility, durability, and contrast enhancement
- Best For: Multi-sport activities and variable light conditions

Youranium - Tonic
Glass Photochromic

Tonic's Photochromic lenses offer adaptability by darkening and lightening based on ambient light. These lenses also feature an anti-reflective coating and custom polarisation filtration.

- Strengths: Adaptability, glare reduction
- Best For: Dynamic light conditions and outdoor sports


Why It's Worth Getting Polarised Sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses are not just a fashion statement; they serve multiple functional purposes that make them well worth the investment. They offer superior glare reduction, enhancing visual clarity and reducing eye strain. For those who spend considerable time outdoors. Whether it's for sports, driving, or leisure—polarised lenses offer a level of comfort and visibility that regular sunglasses simply cannot match.


Best Polarised Lenses


Lens Type


Best For

Costa Del Mar

Premium Polarised 580

Enhanced colour, HEV protection

Fishing, hiking

Dragon Alliance


Vivid colours, durability, glare reduction

Sports, active outdoor activities, harsh environments


Prizm Lenses

Detail, colour contrast, glare reduction

Sports, outdoor activities

Maui Jim


Glare reduction, clarity

General outdoor, driving


L.I.T Lens Technology


Driving, dynamic light, extended outdoor exposure


HD Polarised Lenses

Versatility, durability

Multi-sport, varying light conditions


Photochromic Technology

Adaptability, glare elimination

Driving, day-long outdoor activities


TONIC Glass Photochromic

Adaptability, glare reduction

Dynamic light conditions, outdoor sports

Choosing the right pair of polarised sunglasses can be a game-changer for your visual comfort and safety. Whether you're an avid outdoor enthusiast, a driver who spends hours on the road, or someone who enjoys water sports, there's a pair of polarised lenses that's perfect for you. 

Investing in a pair not only improves your visual experience, but also significantly reduces the risk of eye strain and potential accidents due to glare. Whether it’s for your eyes, style, or you just want to see the world through PolarEyes - I think it’s time everyone got a good pair of polarised sunnies.


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