Glass Lens Technology

The clearest of the three lenses ground and polished like a fine camera lens, so the surface is free of imperfections. These days’ glass lenses make up a very small percentage of the sunglass market.


  • Provides the best scratch resistance.
  • Permanent tint and UV protection can be added during manufacture.
  • Can have an anti-reflection coating to help with glare reduction.
  • Can be vacuum coated with tint (a more permanent method).


  • Least shatter-resistant material.
  • Tints can be darker in thicker areas or lighter in thinner areas (as in prescription lenses) due to tint being a coating on surface.
  • Shapes are limited due to weight and size.
  • Twice as heavy as plastic.
  • You can not coat a finished glass lens.
  • Fogs up more easily.
  • Tints are limited in colour and depth.
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